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Tailored Stories: The Interviews

Full audio interviews and video extracts will appear here as the project progresses.

With thanks to the following for providing locations for filming:
Anderson & Sheppard
Richard Anderson
Chittleborough & Morgan
Dashing Tweeds
Kent, Haste & Lachter
Meyer & Mortimer
Henry Poole & Co.
Kathryn Sargent
Maurice Sedwell
Nick Tentis

Harvey Gould

Harvey worked for his Grandfather in a small tailoring workshop in Soho.

Roger Duxbury

Apprenticed as a coatmaker at Kilgour. Interview recorded at his table at Henry Poole & Co and hence the background noise.

Jean Denny

Jean is a finisher and began her career at Huntsman.

Stephen Lacther

Stephen trained as a shirtmaker and became a stand up comedian before returning to Savile Row.

Gareth Crowe

Gareth trained as a tailor and worked throughout Savile Row. He also worked as a model before becoming a textile agent.


George trained as a tailor in his native Cyprus before coming to London in 1960.

John Kent

John describes himself as a Cutter/Fitter and was apprenticed in the east end of London.

Guy Hills

Began as a fashion photographer before creating modern urban tweeds for the Savile Row trade.

Brian Lewis

Began on the board in the late 1950s and gravitated towards cutting.

Terry Haste

Apprenticed under John Kent at Hawes and Curtis in the early 70s and worked with Tommy Nutter.


Came to Britain aged 20 from Grenada and has worked as a tailor in Savile Row since the 1960s.

Mickey Sunshine

Apprenticed as a coatmaker at Hawes & Curtis in the 1950s. Interview recorded at the table he rents at Henry Poole & Co and hence the background noise.

Brian Lishak

An apprentice shirtmaker, worked as salesman at Huntsman before partnering Richard Anderson in their own firm.

Michael Arter

A trouser maker who joined Anderson & Sheppard aged 16 as an apprentice.

Derrick Tomlinson

A coat maker whose parents were a tailor and seamstress and apprenticed at Anderson & Sheppard.

Rosemarie Bolger

Rosemarie was an apprentice to her father and is now a waistcoat maker.

Richard Anderson

Richard was an apprentice at Huntsman before setting up his own Savile Row house with Brian Lishak.

Leon Powell

Leon did an apprenticeship in coat making at Anderson & Sheppard and is now a cutter there.

Francesca is an apprentice trouser maker at Chittleborough & Morgan.

Joseph Morgan

Joseph trained as a coat maker before moving on to cutting and worked closely with Tommy Nutter.

Andrew Ramroop

Became an apprentice trouser maker in Trinidad aged 13 and went on to become Savile Row's first Black Head Cutter.

Kathryn Sargent

Savile Row's first female Head Cutter when she worked at Gieves & Hawkes.

An interview with Samantha Lucas, a waistcoat maker at Henry Poole & Co., Savile Row.

Paul Frearson

A coat-maker who has worked in many houses in the Savile Row area.

Philip Parker

Trained for 8 years as an apprentice coat maker then a cutter.